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Krall Scyinth Chapter 5
Chapter 5:
A large man stood amidst the multiple rent forms of what had once been living creatures. An onlooker would assume that this stoic form had been sorrowfully contemplating the ruined corpses, and not the deliverer of their demise. They would, perhaps, not be entirely incorrect. However, there were no onlookers here save the souls of the freshly dead, who writhed with contempt briefly before dissipating; or perhaps they had been transported to some location unbeknownst, the beckoning of which we must all answer. The low plains with sparse uncut grass of varying vivacity cowered under the light rain that perpetually listed from the clouds. These lowlands extended out to a long range of mountains, stretching a distance that was difficult to grasp.
Man of stone and measured fury removed the anvil of a hammer from its inverted resting place and carried it once more before continuing along his unmarked path. A path predetermined by his future actions that he had not yet decided upon
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Chapter 4 + extra Ch. 3
Extended ending of Chapter 3: Revenant
"Alright, I will do what you ask. But you must leave me be afterwards."
"Then we have an agreement. You are now in my employ; you are the hand of Death. You are a killer not by profession, but by necessity. The first person you must permanently remove from consciousness resides in Alten, and works at the office of clerical admissions, in Castle Alten. They make sure that no one hears of what is happening behind the veil. Their name is Clarisse Landon. Now go. I do not care how long you take, so long as you succeed."
The dark taskmaster stood, resting upon his staff, and looking down. He literally turned to stone, and began to crumble; the pieces of rock fell upon the ground and further disintegrated into grains of sand, blending in with the desert plain. Scyinth turned away and walked north towards the edge of the waste, feeling empty and worn, despite his years of slumber.
Chapter 4: Warm Embrace of the Abyss
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Krall Scyinth Ch. 3: Revenant
Krall Scyinth Chapter 3: Revenant
Death stood on a sandy plain in this temporal world. Temporal, however ubiquitous, as it had endured, and would endure; but all things must come to an end. Even death. The ground near him began to crack, little fissures opened and the dirt crumbled over the localized area. A face emerged, a torso, followed by the rest of the human body which now pushed against the ground to stand. Spitting sand, Scyinth looked at Death and cursed.
"Are you ready?" The dry bones asked.
"For wh- -" Impact cut off Scyinth's words. He had been struck in the chest by the vulture's staff, and knocked back onto the ground. Looking over at where he had emerged from, it was just deep enough that if were to lie down in it, a thin layer of dirt could cover him. Standing up now again, he drew his sword, which he just remembered had been lost. Regardless, it had been in its sheath now and presently was in his hand, on fire. He swung at Death, and it seemed to go through him, but th
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Krall Scyinth: Into The Hollow
Krall Scyinth: Into The Hollow
Scyinth wanted to head north. He really had no clear destination in mind, but hoped that getting to a familiar area would ease his mind. But in order to head north, he had only two options; going through a week long section of the waste, or a two day long journey through the hollow. The hollow was a swamp of great proportions, groves of dark trees obscuring the sunlight, and treacherous paths complicated with mysteries of the dark. Few ever traveled between the North and the East because there was no easy way, and therefore their cultures were quite different. Since the season for sandstorms was coming in the nearest part of the waste, Scyinth decided to go into the hollow. He could have waited for the storm to pass, found a place to stay for a couple months, but he needed to go north. Maybe he could find some of his old friends there, or at least friendlier people. He paid a horse-and-wagon driver to take him to the outskirts of the hollow, as cart could
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Krall Scyinth - Working Title
Excerpt from "Krall Scyinth" (Working Title)
(Work in progress)
Krall Scyinth was a miserable man. He had once led a party of adventurers on a grand quest to prevent the destruction of a northern province by a power hungry noble from across the Waste. They had slain many mercenaries, and many enchanted creatures, each fighting for their own reason; some for money, some for glory, yet others for the thrill of combat. At 21 years old, Scyinth had barely entered his second cycle of life, where one is expected to find a mate and take up a trade. Such were the customs of his homeland in the southwestern regions. The north was rich in resources and poor in strong fighters, and when faced with the inevitable conqueror seeking an easy path to a new empire, battle-seekers the world over came to accept the offers of money in exchange for defense of a foreign land. Now that the war was over, the defenders had scattered like grain, some were to grow in riches and fame, others to tumble along rough
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Hunter's Shadow
Rain pelted down on the visor of the man in armor. He could barely hear the sound above the ringing in his ears, the pain pulsing in his head. “The Mandalorian is down!” shouted the announcer of the Malestarian gladiatorial ring. These types of battles were outlawed under the Republic, but the Empire could care less if a few creatures died here and there for sport. The other man, a tall, well built Correllian outcast named Jhilyal started to walk away, when the Mandalorian got up. “Looks like he wants some more!” said Jhilyal. The armored one walked slowly at first, then charged. The Correllian man pulled back his arm for a punch and was about to swing, when a gloved fist came up into his throat, followed by another in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. A swift boot spun around and took the Jhilyal’s feet out from under him, causing him to fall backwards. He attempted to get up when the armored man’s armored foot came crashing down on his face
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Ordo's Journey
Ordo’s Journey
       Jaing Ordo felt the acid rain drench his armor in a hail of unrelenting sleet. The atmosphere of Malastare was not a hospitable one. Nor were its inhabitants, primitive bug-like creatures, who attacked in droves. He did not know what they were called, and he did not care. He was here to hunt Jedi, and these things would not get in his way. After searching the surrounding marsh, he once again climbed aboard the 300-year old Basilisk war droid, and left the body strewn field. None of the bodies belonged to any of his squadmates, however. These insects were no match for the battle-hardened warriors of Mandalore, who had faced much greater threats. After the war with the Republic, the Mandalorian Empire was a shadow of its former self; though the ones left behind were as hard as the armor they wore. Their plates could even withstand a swipe from a lightsaber. This had stunned many a novice Jedi, Ordo knew, and he had exploited t
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I have the next chapter for Scyinth down, I'm just sitting on it. It's been down for about a week, I'm just thinking about it and waiting until I find time to read through everything to see how it fits. I've done some conceptualizing in the last few weeks as well, some new characters and plots to come in the next few chapters.


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